XACT is an organic extension of your customer support solution.

Customer Contact Solutions for Phone, Chat, Email and Internet Support

Do you need a contact center? XACT provides customer support services to enhance the communications profile of organizations worldwide through phone, SMS, email and chat.

Do you need support for your site or brand? Let us help make sure that your visitors and customers receive timely and professional service to ensure you never miss an opportunity!

Is time of the essence? When your organization relies on the ability to information to be managed and disseminated in real time, your callers will need 24×7 support from XACT.

Need a fast, timely and professional answer? It’s our job to get you the message, and we get it to you exactly how you want it through phone, SMS, email or portal 24×7!

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XACT strives to deliver a seamless customer support and engagement experience for your customers through extensive training, branded implementation and ongoing support tools.

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Although our contact centers operate 24×7 for our clients, our switchboard, sales and support teams are available weekdays from 8 am until 6 pm ET.

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